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Flagship Programs

Coaching is targeted to develop a confidential partnership between our professionally certified coach and your nominated coachee.

We follow the ICF guidelines and norms for establishing contracts either with your organization or with the individual coachee. We employ the scientific methodology of using powerful questioning techniques to activate the unutilized internal potential of coachee at a subconscious level through positive affirmations.

The series of timebound and structured coaching sessions will help the coachee gain more thought clarity, establish a stronger connection to their abilities and their goals, improve their self-confidence, awareness & assertiveness, accept self & others with ease and achieve their personal & professional goals at a faster pace.


Our leadership intervention programs are targeted to align your leadership team with your organization’s strategy and to develop them into inspiring leaders. It also focuses on boosting the desired capabilities required from the current and future leaders of your organization.

Once they undergo our programs, they will acquire ability to provide a clear vision & direction for their teams and to create impactful partnerships with their key stakeholders.

They will also be able to create a culture of trust and self-driven accountability, to implement organization wide change management and to derive high performance results.


OD is targeted to assess, moderate & alter performance levels, behavioral patterns & cultural transformations for specific teams or for an organization.

It is achieved through series of structured programs at an individual and at team levels. It will be very beneficial to execute OD programs as an offshoot of your current year’s organizational goals.

A well implemented OD intervention will ensure highest levels of employee engagement, decentralization of decision making, creation of mutual trust & respect and utilization of competitive spirit towards growth of your employees and your organization.


Team building is targeted to create a conducive environment for collective and experiential learning in groups. The participants are subjected to various physically enduring & thought provoking activities which are followed by debriefing sessions to facilitate them learn through the experience.

Team building can be performed in an indoor or an outdoor environment, we also have the capability to conduct these workshops in an unique virtual gaming environment.

Some of the significant benefits of our team building programs are improved communication, coordination, trust, respect and speed of execution between the team members which eventually results in better team performance.


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