ViveBale Academia is a network of people who believe in nurturing an environment for the pursuit of research, education, and scholarship. Adversities are the best teachers for one’s development. The recent example of COVID19 has changed the ways we humans live, so much so that we do refer it as pre- and post-COVID. ViveBale too has evolved from an offline HR solutions and services organization to a hybrid learning and development organization by introducing 600+ programs.

ViveBale Academia along with our partner EPUK now cater to every developmental need of students, professionals, and corporates through online and offline educational, institutional, and organizational programs.



These programs bridge soft skill needs in academic or technical courses and industry requirements. They not only increase individual’s productivity but also economic participation and employment rates. They also increase transferable skills, motivations, and aspirations. There are focused modules for the need of students and professionals. Skills acquired from these programs will be of use for the lifetime of the individual.


These programs aims to support professionals in the teaching and education sector in acquiring new skills, keeping pace with new and international developments in the sector, their continuous professional development, supporting the development of their students and pupils, and lifting the educational standards of schools and colleges. These programs can be delivered via a fully online video learning or a blended learning approach - with elements of e-learning and on-line ‘live’ classes.


These are short courses relevant to getting prepared to work, or already working, in the Finance Sector. They comprise of 12 individual courses relating to cash flow, payroll, types of money, banking, accounting, and fraud management. Successful learners who complete the Course will receive an overall EPUK Certificate of Attendance and a CPD-credited Certificate for each of the courses (credits will reflect the duration of each course).


These programs emphasize in positive leadership during changing times, situational leadership, action-centered leadership, and in understanding differences between leadership and management. They also help to develop high-performance teams using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and gamification techniques, with a recognized curriculum in innovation, negotiation, and project / change management.


Personal and Inter-Personal Effectiveness – Basic.

Today we are living in a world where culture of “be the best and effective” has become integral part of our lives. We are trying to be an effective worker, friend, spouse, parent, and professional all at the same time. Growing emphasis to achieve both our personal and professional best, pushes us towards achieving our full potential and prompts many of us to re-examine the different roles of our life to make each one as rewarding as possible.

People’s Manager


Organizations are under continuous pressure to produce results. Customers’ expectations keep rising. Competition also keeps disrupting the market. The result of all this? Managers are asked to do more with less. They must change plans suddenly but it takes lot of effort to make their team understand the need for change. What do great managers do to handle this challenge? This program enables managers to adapt to a growth mindset in dealing with their employees. Managers will discover a new approach to tap into the potential of their employees to elevate performance gracefully in challenging times.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an ability to harness emotions with thoughts and actions to create desired outcomes. Emotions lie in the core of all human activity. It is the energy that drives action and performance, it builds resonance in teams, and drives personal and organizational change.

Building High Performance Teams

High performance teams have been a subject of much debate and research. The key word is “culture”, as culture defines us in our family, businesses, and organizations. It distinguishes who we are and how we are described. Team members can readily describe their organizational culture, using such words as supportive, open, results focused, etc. Much of that culture is built up over years or even decades. Yet we don’t have decades to build a successful team culture.

Me & My Career

A three-day immersive laboratory to unleash your career aspirations.

To discover the “New YOU” by exploring the mindset needed to leap into the new world of organizations and roles. The immersive lab facilitates to identify your strengths and passions; and put yourself on a committed path to realizing and to unleashing your potential. Participants will learn to explore their relation with challenges, risk, and failures and building productive relations.


Recharge Execute Appreciate & Prosper

Experience a 2-day immersive laboratory conceptualized specifically for women, having taken sabbatical and now are ready to leap for an adventure, to kick start second inning by revitalizing and accelerating life process. Possible perceived challenges in return to workplace - Competition from next generation | Energy locked in conflicts | Aspirations to take charge of life | Manage dual role (home & work) | Possible new skill knowledge gap | Self-doubt & lack of self-trust | Embrace uncertainty & ambiguity | Expected faster transition at work.

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