HR Consultancy

Our consultancy services focus primarily on providing coaching to individuals, groups, and organizations to realize their dreams and to achieve exceptional results. Our time-tested domain expertise makes us your best partner in bringing your vision to life, in hiring and developing the right talent to support your aggressive growth plans, and in reaching your long-term organizational goals and objectives. Our in-depth HR experience comes in handy to transform your offices into meaningful and rewarding workplaces for creating high performing employees and great leaders. We will be happy to walk you through the below mentioned areas or work with you in your specific improvement needs.

Vision, Mission, and Goals Alignment

It is important to align your long-term vision to your mid-term mission and your short-term organizational goals. Our group coaching sessions will help your leadership team to prioritize the major improvement areas and to mentor on the related organizational changes.

Performance Measurement

“What you can measure is what you can improve”. Our SMART stretch approach for cascading your organizational goals will help you to setup measurement methods, monitoring and controlling techniques, analysis intervals, and appropriate corrective measures to ensure steady growth towards end results.

Organizational Restructuring

Changes in business environment demands corresponding changes in your organization, starting with your organizational structure. Our all-around role-based organizational responsibility matrix makes it easier for you to expand or to re-shuffle with minimum interruption and with maximum sustenance.

Talent Management

“Great leaders create great organizations” similarly a clear and transparent talent management system creates great leaders. Our specialized talent management processes and tools will help you to identify existing in-house talents or to hire necessary external talents. Our talent management strategies will facilitate your talent pool to reach their true potential and to achieve the future organizational objectives.

Employee Engagement

“Employees are the key assets of an organization” but “Motivated employees are the unique selling propositions of an organization”. Our thorough assessment of current motivation levels and indigenously programmable engagement initiatives will help you to convert your loyal employees into your brand ambassadors.

Employee Rewards Strategy

Compensation is not the only available tool to reward the good work from your employees. We can help you utilize skill enhancement opportunities, development plans, leadership assignments, cultural enrichments, social responsibility projects, and many more organization specific avenues to create a comprehensive and competitive employee rewards strategy.

HR Policies and Processes

Developing and implementing the organizational policies and processes is a task as painstaking as creating constitution of a country. It is important as it helps in smooth functioning of the individual employees, functional departments, and the entire organization. Our expertise and experience will guide you to focus on the right areas, to reduce legal risks, to outline available assistances for employees and to address needs of the organization’s populace.

Organizational Communication

“A problem well-defined is half-resolved” so is an idea, a concept, an initiative, a process, a target, an organizational change, or any employee related communication. We help you in deciding the right communication channels for informing about various organizational initiatives to the targeted employees and get candid feedback.

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