ViveBale Corporation envisions to be the preferred human resources mobilizing partner for individuals and organizations committed to the continual transformation of the world as a better place for higher purpose.

ViveBale Corporation Private Limited provides human capital services for enhancement and application of one’s various skills for the betterment of their life and this objective is metaphorically expressed in the name itself. The name ViveBale has Spanish origin whose equivalent English meaning is LiveWell.

Focus Area

Human wellbeing stems primarily from one’s belief system(s) but branches out to a multitude of aspects and variations.
Most recognized aspects are:

Physical - Relating to body

social – relating to ecology

economical – relating to value

mental – relating to mind

psychological – relating to reactions

spiritual - Relating to beliefs

ViveBale aims to provide the necessary products, services, tools, and solutions required to facilitate its stakeholders for an all-around achievement of their wellbeing and leading a fulfilling life.