Workshop for motivation and new direction


ViveBale Corporation organized and delivered Rise & Shine, a power-packed motivational session specially designed for the employees of HP Rudrapur unit to bring out that pride and power within them to get on the next level for the coming year with new energies, synergies and align with the Vision & Mission of the organization.

This program was completely customized for the employees across levels to bring out the best from each individual to achieve the desired level of results in their self-growth as well as in their contribution towards the organizational growth.

Audio-visuals, real-life success stories from Uttarakhand, literary references, team building activities were used to drive the message and to prepare the participants for the new business year. Participants were enthralled by the program and were able to develop a Go-Getter Mindset.

Participants appreciation for the program was evident from these feedback comments, “Understood about the importance of team and working towards the Common Goal” “I have developed the mindset to give my best” “Yes, we can do it” “I have acquired the ‘RISE &SHINE’thought process” “You have brought out my Self-Belief & Confidence” “I enjoyed the demo activities and interactions during the session the most” “I know what my organization expects out of me” “I love the takeaways, especially the badge”.

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